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The most glorious baked good in the Capital Region

crodoI rarely post food photos to social media but, a couple weeks ago I had no choice. Really, it was my civil duty, my obligation to readers to share the goodness I found at The Crisp Cannoli in East Greenbush.

It’s the region’s version on the croughnut — a treat so popular people wait in line for hours in New York City just to buy one.

Locally, The Crisp Cannoli calls theirs the crodo, but it’s the same thing: a croissant/doughnut hybrid. The result is a buttery sweet pastry so exquisite it melts on your tongue like cotton candy (but it tastes nothing like the whipped sugar).

We had our crodos (the apple cider variety) more than a week ago and I’ve thought about them every day since. You can get yours at The Crisp Cannoli, 669 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush. They cost just shy of $4 each and are best eaten warm, right out of the fryer.