Monthly Archives: June 2015

ARA: Looking for a (specific type of) couples counselor

A reader asks:

I am looking for a couples counselor. I don’t want to post that in my own status, but want to ask specifically, has anyone (still together) found a relationship therapist to be effective? I am a concrete evidence type of person. I am looking for someone who will give homework, even actual worksheets to complete. I am not feeling heard and I think that if my issues were written on paper, it might make it clearer for my partner. I am sorry that it’s tmi… I just don’t know how else to save us.

ARA: What do I do with the nude photos I found?

A reader asks (via Facebook):

While cleaning the basement I found a personal photo album hidden on top of one of the ducts. It was a professional album, bound nicely and shot by a photographer. They are of the previous owner and I want to return them but I am concerned that she will be embarrassed since they are nude and semi nude photos. I believe they were taken for her (now ex) husband as they are themed (firefighter/military) and he was both.

I have met her (and her ex) a few times since they are friendly still with those in the neighborhood which is how I know it is her. I don’t want to throw them out (could get in the wrong hands and they aren’t mine to toss) but I also feel strange about telling her I found them. What should I do?