I use that term loosely, but need to fill this space with something, so here you go:

I graduated from Ithaca College then got a job at the Times Union that turned into a career — a dream career. I have extensive experience in print, radio, television and online. I’m not great at math, but have killer budgeting and saving skills which allowed me to buy my first house at 25 while making a salary only a journalist starting out (or a teacher) understands. Basic finance, budgeting and savings are some of my favorite things to write about.

Please don’t quiz me on history or sports, because I’ll fail. I do have a formal resume on LinkedIn and on my computer but, in reality, my resume is my public work — 16-plus years worth. You can find everything I’ve done — good, bad, award-winning and controversial — by Googling Kristi Gustafson, Kristi Gustafson Barlette or Kristi Barlette.

Everything — even things that seemed embarrassing or humiliating at the time — was valuable. In one case, I learned about tenacity. In another, I realized I have a “shovel blade” of a jaw there really is no such thing as negative publicity. In fact, it can bring you a whole host of followers — readers who stick around. And, in a third, I found out journalists are a loyal group who stick with their fellow reporters — no matter what.

About 93.67 percent of what you read about me online is true. The rest is bogus, or a half-truth due to missing details. If you want to hear my perspective, ask. I may very well share.