I’m not impatient

kristi negative weeks

That negative “1” is about to become a “2.”

“When were you due?”
“How long will you go till you’re induced?”
“I bet you’re tired of being pregnant?”

As I write this, I’m approaching the “two weeks overdue” mark. Most every woman I know says the last month is horrible, and you’re just “done.”

For me, the last month was probably the best.

I went for seven straight days without throwing up (something that hasn’t really happened since March). I haven’t been tired. Nothing really “hurts” (other than the intermittent and rare bought of Braxton Hicks) and I can (finally) see a commercial featuring poultry and not gag. My only complaint would be I wake every 30 to 90 minutes to go to the bathroom — all.night.long. But, hey, as one of my OB/GYNs said: I’ll be one of the rare women who may just sleep more with a newborn, rather than less.

So many women are in a rush to give birth. They schedule c-sections or beg their doctors for inductions. They’ll gorge on spicy food, lift heavy things, have sex or go for a ride on a bumpy road hoping to get that kid out.

I’d rather he or she stay in there as long as it’s safe (up to about 42 weeks). The longer I’m pregnant, the better the baby develops (in theory). In fact, I’m kind of scared about an induction. The idea of forcing what should (hopefully) come naturally sounds … uncomfortable.

Sure, the kid’s getting big(ger) and labor surely won’t feel like a Swedish massage. But, as much as I fear the pain (and that dreaded “e” word — episiotomy) I embrace the idea of brain development, and beefing the child up so he or she can be as healthy and well-developed as possible.

15 thoughts on “I’m not impatient

  1. Anne Adams

    You have a wonderful way of approaching the upcoming wonderful event. I have given birth 7 times without meds and I found I felt so much better afterwards as compared to he people I know who decidedthe pain relievers were better for them. My mom always said when you hold the child for the first time it all goes away and she was right. Enjoy your new adventure there is nothing like it.

  2. Cara

    I know a girl in your shoes – and she’s found a baker with a “Labor inducing” cream cheese. She plans on eating it.

  3. D2

    Thanks for the alternate venue while you’re away. I hope everything comes out all right (pun intended) and you and R enjoy the next few weeks together as you bond with with your new found love. Sincerely, Dave

  4. Adesta

    So glad to have a way to connect to you after you go “dark” for a little while. Can’t wait to hear of the baby’s arrival!!!

  5. Katy

    I’m happy to hear you are letting this progress naturally. We are all excited and anxiously awaiting little B’s arrival… but I know no one is more excited than you and R.

  6. Cappy

    So happy to see your personal website Kristi, looking forward to your updates. Anxiously awaiting news on your baby!!

  7. Cheryl

    I was 17 days late and facing induced labor 3 days after my first was born. I had to be induced with my third and it forces what should come naturally and isn’t a pleasant experience. Good luck to you, savor and enjoy every moment with your new baby! It is a precious time.

  8. Dina

    When I was 10 days overdue I wasn’t impatient so much as I was hot, sweaty (it was late July) and worried by the “worst case scenarios” the docs described. Ultimately, though, all was well! It’s about having a happy and healthy baby, that’s all really. That’s everything.

  9. Karen Kohl

    This is the first day without any post by Kristi. I can only assume today is the big day (which I am thrilled about since it is my sons birthday as well)! I hope someone at the paper updates us on how Kristi and her baby are doing. Wishing her and R the best!

  10. Betty

    sorry KGB, I am impatient – hope you’re doing well – you have patterned us to hear from you at least daily – We await impatiently your big news.


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