Stay out of my bathroom

bathroomI’m obsessed with the cleanliness of bathrooms. This became particularly challenging while pregnant when I used everything from a stump in the woods in Maine to what amounted to a hole in the floor at a gas station in the heart of Brooklyn to a clogged (and rather scary) toilet at a McDonald’s outside of DC to relieve my ever full-feeling bladder. A BJ’s-sized package of Clorox Wipes would not have been enough, in those situations.

But those are the places I can’t control. At home, I can, and I like “our bath” — AKA the master — to be ours. It’s not for guests, or delivery people or anyone else who is in our home.

I want to be able to leave things out (like the squirt bottle post-delivery) and not worry about the fact there may be a glob of toothpaste in the sink because R is oh-so-good about not leaving the water running when brushing his teeth. Plus, a bathroom is a “personal space,” almost more personal than the master bedroom, and I don’t want to share.

Apparently, George Constanza’s former friends felt the same way.

One thought on “Stay out of my bathroom

  1. Neil Gussman

    As you have more kids, you will be sharing more space with plumbing–and having bathroom adventures on the road. Right now three of our six kids live at home. We have two full baths upstairs and a half bath on the first floor marked “Restroom” for visitors. The bathroom on the north side of the 2nd floor is for me and the two teenage boys. My wife and college-student daughter share the one on the south side.
    Good luck!!! Clorox wipes are the best–no better disinfectant than chlorine.


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