ARA: Looking for a place to get ready before my wedding

A reader asks (via Facebook):

I’m getting married near Albany, NY (the reception will be in Altamont and the ceremony location is still to-be-determined) and need somewhere to get ready before the wedding. A hotel suite would be ideal, but I’m open to other suggestions (bed & breakfast, inn, etc). It needs to be big enough for about 8 people to get hair & makeup done and get dressed, as well as relax and hang out before heading to the ceremony. Around the Albany, Guilderland, Latham, or Troy area would be preferable. Since the photographer will be there taking “getting ready pictures”, I’m looking for something that will photograph nicely (not too dark so preferably with windows and natural light, and not have out-dated/tacky decor).


3 thoughts on “ARA: Looking for a place to get ready before my wedding

  1. Valerie

    For a wedding I was in last fall we all got ready in a suite at the Best Western Franklin Square Inn in Troy (near Dinosaur BBQ and the Franklin Plaza – which was where our wedding took place.) The hotel staff was super accommodating and the room was great with a bedroom area and giant bathroom to one side and a large living area with a pull out couch, half bath, nice glass dining table, and kitchen area on the other side. We all slept there the night before and got our hair and makeup done in the living area near the table (where there were some nice big windows).

    I will say that I imagine most hotels have suites similar to this and so if you haven’t already reserved your room block, look to reserve it somewhere that has a suite set up like what I described. They’ll often give you the room at a discount or for free if you book a certain number of nights at their hotel.

  2. Erin

    I got ready in my parents’ apartment and that went really well – is there someone’s home you could do this in?

    My photographer told me he prefers the getting ready pictures in people’s homes over a hotel room, because the lighting tends to be much better.


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