Pottery Barn did *what* with my sofa?

antI’m addicted to Pottery Barn the way some people are obsessed with chocolate, or John Deere. When I see the PB in Crossgates has changed their display for the season, my heart races knowing that means the sale section will be robust.

Our decor is, predominantly, Pottery Barn (and, these days, PB Baby/Kids) so when we needed a sectional-type sofa for the media room, that’s where I turned. On delivery day, it snowed — hard. We’d gotten a good eight inches with several more predicted. R wasn’t home, and our road — and driveway — hadn’t been plowed.

When the delivery guys tried to get up our road, they got stuck, and called me to share their predicament. 

“Hold on,” I said, passing CB to Cindy (she was in town for a couple days). “I’ll be right there.”

I got in my SUV and drove down to find two trucks stuck — Pottery Barn and UPS. The UPS guy gave up (I don’t blame him, this was right before Christmas and he had lots of deliveries to make, I’m sure), but the PB guy was there, tires spinning.

I went up to the window to talk about options. The passenger looked at me, looked at the driver, then said something I had a hard time understanding due to a language barrier. The truck’s engine silenced, and the passenger got out.

“Did you stall,” I asked.

“How far,” he said, hoisting up the backdoor of the truck. “We get you your sofa.”

I stood there, thinking they were giving up, and going to leave it in the road. Before panic could fully set in, the driver heaved one of the two pieces on his back like an ant at a picnic and started walking. Hunched over, he climbed up our street, and then up the driveway.

The driver ran to catch up, and met him at our front door.

They set that piece down and went and got the other, repeating the process.

It was one of those days I wished I wasn’t on my social media hiatus because that’s customer service worth celebrating.


6 thoughts on “Pottery Barn did *what* with my sofa?

  1. Denise Sheriff

    In this day and age, when it seems all we hear about is the bad customer service people get, it’s nice to hear there are still those willing to go the extra mile and provide AWESOME customer service! I hope you called Pottery Barn to let them know how great these two guys were!

  2. Rachel

    Fabulous customer service and that deserves a direct contact to his company describing his above and beyond conclusion to the delivery.


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