What’s your Travoltified name?

travoltaSomething — or several somethings — always comes out of awards shows that trumps the awards and the gowns and run-on speeches. Basically, they’re those things we — the media and the public — just can’t, um, let go.

This year, it was John Travolta’s mishap.

The former “Grease” hottie made headlines for more than just his odd hairdo Sunday. Travolta introduced¬†Idina Menzel ¬†— the Broadway standout and Taye Digg’s wife — as “Adele Dazeem.” Menzel was coming on stage to sing the “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Within minutes, Adele Dazeem had her own Twitter handle (and the made-up name trended for two hours on the social networking site). And now Slate has created a widget that allows you to find out how your name would sound if it was Travoltified.

Check it out here.

Kurtis Brazent (FKA Kristi Barlette)

3 thoughts on “What’s your Travoltified name?

  1. Sue

    So sad he messed up her name. Some people in his camp are saying he has Dyslexia. Even if it’s true, he should have know her name. It’s not like she’s a new person who just started singing.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion on this.

    Thanks Kurtis Brazent (FKA Kristi Barlette)

    “Shayne Stonz” aka Sue Seitz

  2. Alyssa

    Please understand that I am no way trying to start any problems, I just want to share my feelings on this situation. John Travolta is a Scientologist, and therefore doesn’t believe in learning disabilities. However, it has been said for years that he has dyslexia. As a parent of a child with special needs, this whole situation stung. If he does have dyslexia, he obviously knew who he was announcing, but I am sure once he saw all those jumbled letters on the teleprompter, he said whatever he could muster. People with special needs do their best. They have enough struggles on their own, without having people make fun or something they cannot change.
    I am just asking that everyone thinks about this before they make fun of the situation. He may have it, he may not. But regardless, we are all trying to teach our children to be good people, and not bully, how is this being good role models?


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