My daughter’s father is …

faceMy husband is tall, and white, and looks older than his age. He doesn’t drive a box truck and he’s not known for his heavily processed, and packaged, baked goods. He wears a suit to work and he still has (most of a good amount of) his hair, and yet my daughter regularly mistakes all sorts of people for her father.

The people she’s called “Daddy”:

    • Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • The Pillsbury Doughboy
    • Derek Hough
    • The UPS man
    • The (completely bald) dad of one of the little girls on her playgroup.
    • The little boy on the front of her YoToddler yogurts.
    • The (much, much, much) older gentleman on a scooter in line with us at Price Chopper.
    • The garbage man.
    • The teenager organizing check-in at Albany Flight.
    • John Travolta
    • Hideki Matsui

One thought on “My daughter’s father is …

  1. Paula Bowen

    I remember bits and pieces of my childhood. My dad was a traffic cop who had the pleasure of riding a motorcycle through Albany. I thought every policeman on a motorcycle was my dad!


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