Did you see this?

I’m starting a new (occasional) feature on Just Kristi where I share things — status updates, photos, links — I find on social media that make me stop either because they’re funny, moving, incredulous, educational, unbelievable, sad, inspiring or something else.

Here are your three for today (if the statuses are not public, I removed the author’s name. When the post is public — like with the photo in this post — I still asked permission to repost/share):



Hide your kids, hide your wife (and your money, electronics and everything else):


A beautiful image from Jenn Moak Photography:

2 thoughts on “Did you see this?

  1. Bill Pytlovany

    It may be hard to choose which status messages to post. You’ll have enough material to write a series of books. I like the idea of including a photo. I see so many great shots that should be shared.



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