Advice needed: Should I tip him?

A reader writes:

I have question for you and your followers: when you use the carry out service at the grocery store, should you tip the person helping you?

7 thoughts on “Advice needed: Should I tip him?

  1. jenagain

    Yes, of course she should tip them. This person is probably making minimum wage, and provided a service for you. Heck in this weather you should double the tip!

  2. Lauren H

    if you’re talking about someone carrying your bags to your car, yes. He’s not paid to do that and it takes extra effort on his/her part.

  3. bubbasbestbabe

    Depends. If the weather is lousy or I have lots of packages, then yes I offer a tip. If they say no then they get a big thank you. And if I judge they want the tip but say no, I put it in their pocket.

  4. rick slevens

    Anyone who provides a service of any kind can and should receive a tip. Whether it’s a baggage handler at an airport, the usher who finds your seat at a sporting event and wipes it down before you sit in it, a massage therapist, a barber, a doorman, a waiter or a
    waitress, there are few among us that don’t welcome a couple of extra bucks and the appreciation of a job well done.

  5. Scott Shaver

    i actually overheard a conversation in a Hannaford parking lot between a customer and an employee that just carried out their bags. After she handed the young man a tip, he said, “we are actually supposed to tell you that we can’t accept tips… But…” And she insisted because it was so cold and in this weather, they should get tips… I believe he took it. Was that right of him to do?

  6. Jennifer

    most companies do not allow their employees to accept tips. Some places like shoprite have a 1-800 you can call and give a good review for the employee and they will get some type of gift card for like $5


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