ARA: Looking for a (specific type of) couples counselor

A reader asks:

I am looking for a couples counselor. I don’t want to post that in my own status, but want to ask specifically, has anyone (still together) found a relationship therapist to be effective? I am a concrete evidence type of person. I am looking for someone who will give homework, even actual worksheets to complete. I am not feeling heard and I think that if my issues were written on paper, it might make it clearer for my partner. I am sorry that it’s tmi… I just don’t know how else to save us.

4 thoughts on “ARA: Looking for a (specific type of) couples counselor

  1. Chelsea

    Susan Spencer is a NPP in Albany and I have found her to be tremendously helpful. She actually gives feedback, medical evidence and helps you arrive at conclusions/decisions compared to what I have found therapists to do- just listen.


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