ARA: What do I do with the nude photos I found?

A reader asks (via Facebook):

While cleaning the basement I found a personal photo album hidden on top of one of the ducts. It was a professional album, bound nicely and shot by a photographer. They are of the previous owner and I want to return them but I am concerned that she will be embarrassed since they are nude and semi nude photos. I believe they were taken for her (now ex) husband as they are themed (firefighter/military) and he was both.

I have met her (and her ex) a few times since they are friendly still with those in the neighborhood which is how I know it is her. I don’t want to throw them out (could get in the wrong hands and they aren’t mine to toss) but I also feel strange about telling her I found them. What should I do?

6 thoughts on “ARA: What do I do with the nude photos I found?

  1. Roger Green

    Oh, just tell her, FCOL. Don’t overthink it. Potential embarrassment probably yours, possibly hers) oughtn’t paralyze you from doing the right thing.

  2. Kyla Shannon

    I think you’re overthinking this. Return them. Don’t run up to her in a crowd with the album open or anything, but return them.

  3. Amanda Vandenbergh

    If you are a male, please ask a woman in your life to say SHE found them and give them back to her. If you are a female, just tell her you found them, and woman-to-woman, wanted to make sure they didn’t fall into someone else’s hands. Easy peasy.

  4. Stacey

    I would definitely return them. She probably wonders where the pictures went and if they are in the wrong hands. She will probably be relieved to have them back. I know I would. I would mail them with a simple little note. “I just found this in the house and thought you might like to have it back.”
    I think she will appreciate it more than you know. If she is confident enough to have a photographer shoot the pictures, she is probably confident enough to just laugh that they were found.
    good luck

  5. Roz

    Agree with all of the above. Give them back. She’ll be relieved to know that the movers aren’t sharing them on the internet.

    This is why having nude photos taken is a bad idea.


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