Snooki: Save the ‘expectant mom’ parking spot for your third trimester

snookiDuring her “Jersey Shore” days, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi made headlines for drunken debauchery. Today, the mom of one-almost-two has people talking again. This time, for using an expectant mom parking spot at Babies ‘R Us.

Snooki is pregnant, but she’s not pregnant “enough,” according to detractors who got all badooglafied after the former reality star posted a photo of herself on Instagram pulling into the special spot.

They argue she plasters the media  — social and traditional — with talk of her healthy lifestyle, and shares photos of herself lifting tires like she’s a member of CrossFit. That, they say, means she doesn’t “need” a special space.

I can (kind of) see why the perturbed people are, well, perturbed. While those spots are, technically, for any woman at any stage who feels she could benefit from walking fewer steps, it’s those later months when the waddle arrives and the lung capacity diminishes.

Some Instagram and blog comments talked about the nausea, exhaustion and other ailments that can happen at any time during pregnancy. I know the nausea. I had it — along with vomiting — for 95 percent of my pregnancy. But nausea isn’t reduced or helped by walking a shorter distance and a sick stomach doesn’t make it difficult to move.

Snooki defended her decision posting, in part:

… I parked in the stork section at babies r us because I am expecting. I got excited to park there again. I went to the store tonight at 7pm, where there were only 5 cars in the parking lot so I am sure I wasn’t putting any further along pregnant women in harms way. I didn’t park in the spot because “I’m lazy”, I parked because I’m excited to be pregnant again, lighten up people.  …

If you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant and if we’re playing semantics here it’s entirely fair for her to park in that space. With that out of the way, I’ll say that as long as she isn’t parking in a handicap space or in a fire lane, I don’t care where she places her ride. But, if I were to come down on a side on this one I’d say Snooki could, based on her photos and healthy living talk, hoof it from farther out in the lot with us empty-uterus folk for a few more months and save those spots for pregnant women who have reached the point of extreme discomfort.

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5 thoughts on “Snooki: Save the ‘expectant mom’ parking spot for your third trimester

  1. Heather W

    I’m not her biggest fan. However, I feel bad for her on this one. She’s pregnant. The spaces are for pregnant mothers. The end.

  2. It's me

    First of all, I had no idea she was expecting again! So thats news to me.
    Second, I also had the nausea and vomiting throughout my pregnancy. So severe I was in the hospital 4 times to get re-hydrated. For me that was the worst, and at times it did make it harder for me to move and walk because I was so weak.
    Towards the end, everything hurt, so those spaces definitely came in handy towards the end when I finally started to feel a bit better mentally and was able to be more excited about shopping for the baby.
    Not everyone has a pregnancy that is easy, or the same, so even if you are 5 weeks pregnant, or 42 weeks, let a mom to be park wherever she wants. She is growing a baby, thats no easy task!
    And coming from someone who it took a super long time to get pregnant after a couple of losses, and a rough pregnancy that was scary at times, why not celebrate every minute of it while you can?

  3. Turtlelover

    It took me 5 years to get pregnant so my first trip to BBRUS I parked in that spot with my sister — giggling the whole time!! Then after that I figured the more walking the better so I parked far away from then on……….. in fact I still park far away and walk 🙂

  4. Miss Erin

    She’s not pregnant *enough* to park in those spots?? Admittedly I don’t know much about her but that seems ridiculous.

    Maybe they should have a guard out there to monitor these things. “Excuse me ma’am, you just look fat to me, I’m going to need to see an ultrasound.”


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