Yes, they said that (and that and that and …)

Little C's hair does that on its own.

Little C’s hair does that on its own.

Little C has some funny hair. Her matchstick-straight, wispy blonde locks always look as if she’s suffering a serious case of static electricity.

Although she’s not. That’s just the way her hair looks, and has looked since her newborn hair fell out.

Strangers — sometimes more than one dozen a day — comment on her hair. They stop us in the grocery store and when we’re out for a walk. They come up to us in parking lots. In the rain. While I’m balancing packages for the post office, an umbrella and a squirming baby.

When we go to one of my favorite home decor stores, the manager says “ohhh, my favorite baby hair is here.” Yes, that’s right. Not my favorite baby, but my favorite baby hair.

Moms tell me their sons/daughters/puppies had the same thing going on when they were fresh and new(ish). A waitress once forgot my order, she said, because she was so focused on C’s at-attention locks.

Oftentimes, people say things that make me doubt the motto that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question (or comment).”

Some of my favorites:

10: Is her hair always like that, or do you do something to make it stick up?
9: When do you think her hair will lay down?
8: Ohh, she’s like a little duckling. Does the water roll off when she gets wet?
7: Do you think her hair hurts sticking up like that?
6: Has she been like that since she was born?
5: Was your hair like that when you were little? What about your husband’s? Or, er, or the baby’s daddy? Do you have a husband?
4: You could probably put a headband in and hold it down. Or a barret. Or a bow. Or maybe just lick your finger and rub.
3: Do you use product in her hair?
2: Can I touch it?
1: It’s like her head has goosebumps!

2 thoughts on “Yes, they said that (and that and that and …)

  1. Jennifer Setfotd


    I was your waitress this afternoon for lunch, and I just wanted to say that it wasn’t Little “C’s” hair that caught my eyes, it was her beautiful smile, her beautiful eyes and that beautiful little personality


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