I can’t believe I Googled *that*

Sometimes, there are questions we’re too embarrassed to ask even our closest friends. They may not be the kinds of questions you see on “The Doctors,” but rather inquiries that seem … stupid. (Or that make us realize we’re lacking brain cells when it comes to a certain topic or topics).

I had a lot of these while pregnant. I asked Google why I was drooling at night (sexy, right?) or if that needle-like stabbing in my nethers was “normal.”  Recently, Cindy and I debated where you’re from if you’re Dutch, and if Holland and the Netherlands were the same place.

“Erase your history when you’re done searching,” she said. “We don’t need others knowing we don’t know this.”

We aren’t the only ones asking the Internet silly things. One radio station compiled a list of the dumbest things people have Googled (including “Obama gay relationship with music” and “Nigeria investment opportunities”). This subreddit compiles the stupidest things people had to Google and the YouTube video below highlights ridiculous searches, including “is my PC on” (oh yes).

The next time someone delivers the old cliche that there’s no such thing as a stupid question, point out that there is, but that’s why we have Google.

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