My child stole a doll, and the parent called to talk it out

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My sister and her husband are all about the pranks lately. Last week, Cindy sheepishly admitted she stepped on my (not inexpensive) Hugo Boss sunglasses when she and C-Note (her husband) went to the driving range. I’d let her borrow the glasses under one condition “please don’t damage them.”

The next day I learned the glasses were, in fact, still in tact.  Apparently, my disappointment/frustration/outrage at the supposedly damaged goods was not enough to satisfy the two of them (I’m not easily angered, plus I really didn’t care, as long as they’d buy me another pair), so they tried again.

This time, they used an app to prank call me. The phone call was from Brett, a dad upset that C took his daughter’s doll at recess, and ran home with it. (C is too young for school, or recess, plus we were at Price Chopper at the time of the supposed doll abduction.)

I answer calls from unfamiliar numbers about 50 percent of the time. This call was from a 674 exchange (AKA Averill Park, my hometown) so I picked up. I then posted about the oddity of it all to Facebook. 

Today I learned it was all a joke.

Listen below.

3 thoughts on “My child stole a doll, and the parent called to talk it out

  1. redwinemom

    Wow. Your sister and her husband are really inappropriate. These are not really funny pranks. They are actually mean. I think they both need to be called out on this.
    However, are your husband and you also into pranks? If you are, then perhaps you all need to decide how far you each want these pranks to go.

    1. Kristi Post author

      Kristi responds:

      redwinemom, I am not a big prankster, but am not against innocent jokes that don’t harm anyone (and this one certainly hurt no one).


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